About The Vocal Art Ensemble

Pursuing Vocal Art

Under the direction of Tracia Barbieri, The Vocal Art Ensemble brings together experienced musicians pursuing artistic expression through finesse of the human voice. Our mission is to share exquisite music through artful musicianship.

Appealing to both the discerning musician and the casual music lover, performances feature a capella choral pieces and intimate instrumentals by the area’s most accomplished performers. VAE aims to present exquisite evenings of music, ranging from the elegant beauty of Renaissance motets to the compelling excitement of modern works. Upcoming performances in Yolo County, California include those in Davis, plus Sacramento.

The Vocal Art Ensemble has also been called upon to perform at weddings, Christmas parties, retirement community performances, and other special events. Money raised at such events goes to our travel fund to support VAE tours (such as our planned performance tour of Ireland from September 2-11, 2010). Please contact tracia@trug.com.

One Response to “About The Vocal Art Ensemble”

  1. Hi all

    I met you all at the Góilín Singers Club in Dublin. On behalf of the members of the Góilín I’d like to say that we really enjoyed your singing and your songs. It was great to listen to your beautiful arrangements and excellent singers and singing. In return it was great to be able to sing to you and for you to join in our songs. I’m very glad I didn’t miss that night. Thank you one and all, hope to meet you sometime again.

    Fergus Russell

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